Atlas & Database of Air Medical Services (ADAMS)

In conjunction with the Association of Air Medical Services (AAMS) and the air medical industry, CUBRC has established a national database containing air medical rotor and fixed wing services, including main and satellite base locations, communication centers and receiving hospitals. This data resource, called the Atlas & Database of Air Medical Services (ADAMS), is implemented in a Geographic Information System (GIS) on the web. The need for such a data resource is driven in part, by newly-emerging, Automatic Crash Notification (ACN) technologies which are changing both the content and manner in which emergency messages from car crashes are received and routed.

ACN technology recognizes when a serious car crash occurs and sends an immediate alert (via an automatic cell phone call) to telematics provider and subsequently, to emergency responders. In currently available systems, information transmitted from the vehicle provides the crash location and an indication of the nature and severity of the crash.

  • In-vehicle sensors detect crash
    - Airbag deployment (early ACN)
    - Crash forces (advanced ACN)
  • GPS satellite receiver in car establishes location (lat / long)
  • Cell phone in car automatically calls Telematics Service Provider (TSP) (e.g., OnStar, ATX, Cross Country).
  • Crash data is transmitted to TSP; hands-free voice connection established.
  • Information made available to EMS dispatchers within minutes of the crash prior to anyone arriving at scene.

In response to continuing advances in this technology, there are now efforts underway to develop data distribution networks to provide ACN messages to both public safety and EMS service providers. The GIS data base system developed here will help enable the Air Medical industry to take advantage of these advances in technology and communications.

ADAMS data, in both tabular and map formats, is made available to participating air medical services, regular AAMS members, disaster response and homeland security agencies, ACN message centers and trauma system researchers. Generalized state and national maps showing air medical coverage across the U.S., are made available to the public here:

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