Transportation Research Informatics Platform (TRIP)

The Transportation Research Informatics Platform (TRIP) is an informatics based system designed to handle massive amounts of transportation data, provide researchers an efficient way to interact with this data, and allow for the straightforward use of analytical tools to assess the data. TRIP is an ongoing project funded under the Federal Highway Administration's Exploratory Advanced Research Program.

Transportation researchers and practitioners have access to unprecedented amounts of data but lack the tools to easily store, manipulate, and analyze this data. TRIP provides tools for researchers enabling them to conduct 'Big Data' analytics in an efficient way. The objectives of TRIP include:

  • Handle massive amounts of transportation data (e.g., terabytes of data)
  • Utilize open source technologies & tools to ingest, store, align, and process data
  • Accept structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data sets from any source
  • Provide an efficient way to query data without in-depth knowledge of metadata
  • Integrate with open source and consumer off the shelf products
  • Visualize data to provide greater insights and understanding



TRIP architecture is flexible and is built on open source state-of-the-art technology developed with 'Big Data' in mind. The platform consists of seven process layers 1) Infrastructure Systems; 2) Data Storage & Distribution; 3) Database & Sources; 4) Data Ingest, Transform, & Manage; 5) Data Processing, Warehousing, & Query; 6) Analytics & Visualization; and 7) Web Client & App Server. TRIP utilizes a modern, streamlined, web based user interface for remote access and query capabilities. In addition, the platform can be customized to fit exact users needs and provides linkages to many other popular analytics packages.

Although the initial objectives of TRIP were built to support transportation safety analyses the platform is capable of supporting a wide range of planning and operations activities as well. Analyses of big transportation data through an informatics approach offer opportunities to improve highway safety, reduced congestion and pollution, and more efficient incident management.

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