CUBRC expects its officers, directors, employees, agents and other representatives to conduct themselves in a professional, ethical and legal manner consistently and without exception. The core of CUBRC’s business involves working closely with its customers that demands adherence to a strict code of ethical conduct. Accordingly, CUBRC’s business success depends on all of its employees and representatives to adhere to high business and ethical standards. CUBRC’s formal Code of Business Conduct has been adopted by its Board of Directors to govern CUBRC’s daily business activities and as a concrete manifestation of CUBRC’s commitment to maintaining high business and ethical standards.  

An organization develops a reputation for ethical business conduct and integrity only when its people consistently demonstrate these qualities. Employees and other representatives of CUBRC must uphold high standards for ethical business conduct and integrity at all times in order to demonstrate CUBRC’s commitment to be fair and honest with all third parties and its staff. Employees and representatives of CUBRC must adhere strictly to the requirements of this Code and conduct themselves properly in all circumstances. 


Code of Business Conduct

In summary, CUBRC’s Code of Business Conduct requires that its employees and representatives must strive to follow these terms:

• Be honest and ethical in all business dealings
• Respect and value others
• Do not discriminate or harass others
• Maintain a safe and healthful workplace
• Safeguard and respect proprietary and confidential information
• Record and report information honestly and accurately
• Respect copyrights
• Observe the company’s guidelines regarding gifts and entertainment
• Note that special rules apply to doing business with the U.S. Government
• Do not violate antitrust laws
• Comply with environmental laws
• Make considerations when doing business internationally
• Conduct political activities with caution
• Use CUBRC’s assets properly and efficiently
• Avoid conflicts of interest
• Avoid using inside information
• Seek help and report violations

Mission Statement

CUBRC’s mission is to combine innovative ideas and state-of-the-art technology to help solve some of the most critical and challenging problems facing our Defense, Intelligence and Homeland Security communities.

  • CUBRC Headquarters
  • 1-866-91CUBRC (28272)
  • 4455 Genesee Street, Suite 106
    Buffalo, NY 14225
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Business Directory

  • Information Exploitation 716.204.5120
  • Chem, Bio & Medical 716.204.5116
  • Aeronautics 716.204.5125
  • Finance 716.204.5111
  • Human Resources 716.204.5111
  • Administration 716.204.5111