CUBRC History


CUBRC was formed in 1983 as an independent non-profit research and development company. The organization arose through a strategic relationship formed between the University at Buffalo and a local technology development company as a bridge between academia and industry. Since CUBRC’s emergence in 1983, the company has grown from a small facilitator of research into a fully staffed, highly respected, scientifically crucial entity. While it is CUBRC’s mission to make a significant, positive technological and economic impact on Western New York, the influences of our work stretch far beyond the Western NY region by making significant technology contributions to our nation as a whole.

In its early years, CUBRC flourished under the guidance of our first director and president, renowned physicist Dr. Charles Treanor. The technologies and facilities of CUBRC date back to the late 1950s, playing a major role in the development testing of NASA’s Gemini and Apollo space capsules; the U.S. Space Shuttle as well as many other vehicles that travel through Earth’s atmosphere at speeds much greater than that of sound.

More recently, CUBRC has continued its pioneering work in the area of aeronautics by expanding and enhancing our Hypervelocity research facilities into a unique, research and test capability available nowhere else in the world. In 1998, with new leadership and a mandate from our Board of Directors to expand our technology reach beyond aeronautics, CUBRC has made tremendous contributions in aiding the defense of our country against the effects of biological and chemical agents; helping to save lives on our nation’s highways; and helping people make critical decisions through the development of advanced information systems designed to provide crucial, actionable information extracted from massive, disparate sources of data.

Whether ensuring the successful operation of vehicles that explore our solar system, improving clinical diagnostic instruments that test for diseases or saving lives on our streets and highways, CUBRC develops impactful technology of benefit to all humankind. Continually adapting and expanding, CUBRC remains invested in the power of technology, of first-rate facilities, and of innovative, highly motivated minds.


...the influences of our work stretch far beyond the Western NY region by making significant technology contributions to our nation as a whole.
CUBRC History

Mission Statement

CUBRC’s mission is to combine innovative ideas and state-of-the-art technology to help solve some of the most critical and challenging problems facing our Defense, Intelligence and Homeland Security communities.

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